Web3athon is a 3-month, fully virtual hackathon. The Submission Requirements + Judging Criteria are different from other hackathons.  You’ll need team members with varied skillsets to bring your idea to life. This article aims to provide guidance on finding and managing your team.

What does your team need to succeed?

For stage one, your team needs 6 factors.

  1. Vision: Based on your understanding of the hyperlocal challenges, you’ll need a clear understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, and how you want to solve it.
  2. Project Management: Coordinating people virtually to meet a tight deadline is a skill. To coordinate for the next two months, make sure you’re thinking about how to best allocate time and talent.
  3. Human-centered Research: Be iterative in evaluating whether or not your idea is adequately responding to an actual problem. This means doing research on the issue, such as talking to actual humans about their experiences and conducting desktop research (aka rabbit-holing through the internet!). We suggest starting with our Notion resources pages for your challenge area.
  4. Storytelling: The written description and pitch deck are everything the sponsors will use to short-list ideas. We will provide a sample written description and a submission deck template to ensure you’re not starting from scratch.
  5. Visual Design: How your pitch looks is part of the story it tells. While you shouldn't over-index on making things beautiful, they should communicate clearly and use simple visuals when appropriate to communicate concepts.
  6. Light Technical Know-how: You’ll need to assess which chain is appropriate for your solution to submit to. The Web3athon Stage 1 requires you to submit to a specific chain on the HackerEarth platform.

Each person on your team may bring some combination of these skills to the table. It can be useful to clarify responsibilities by assigning specific roles to each person.

How do I find teammates?

Finding teammates is all about meeting people with different skillsets than you. The best place to do that is in the Discord. Now that you know what sorts of skillsets each team needs to succeed, you can figure out how to position yourself.