How should you allocate your time?

Communication with your team 75% of your time Most of your time should be spent working with your team to brainstorm ideas and refine your solution through whatever channels make the most sense for you. 10% of your time Check the Discord 3x/week. This is the place to talk to other attendees, find team members, learn any updates on what’s happening throughout the rest of Web3athon, and get in touch with the Web3athon staff if you have any questions. (this page) 10% of your time This is where you will find the answer to every single question you have. Resources like challenge briefs, timelines, submission requirements, FAQs, and more all live here. Check this page on an as-needed basis. We'll be telling you when we add new resources. 5% of your time Nuts and bolts of the hackathon like formally registering your team formation and submitting your project submission. You only need to be on here to register for the Web3athon, register your team, submit your idea, and check if you shortlisted. as needed 😊 we’re always happy to hear from you This form is for anyone to provide feedback about the Web3athon experience. We really do read each message written by a real human being!