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Some examples of project descriptions have been provided below. Not all of them are related to our Hyperlocal themes, and there are a couple different format suggestions, but the goal is to provide you with some inspiration as you’re refining your idea!


Hyperlocal Theme: Financial Health

Description paraphrased from this blog post

The most important thing for freelance workers is getting paid quickly. But for freelancers who operate in different countries than their clients, quick payments are a challenge using the traditional financial system. Money-sending methods like wire transfers move from bank to bank while each bank takes a cut. It takes days and doesn’t make sense for smaller amounts as the recipient ends up losing a huge percentage of their earnings. This challenge primarily impacts freelancers in emerging markets where their whole livelihood comes from these funds and these sizable fees can prevent folks from putting food on the table.

goLance is an end-to-end global freelance marketplace that helps freelancers find jobs and get paid. goLance offers a variety of withdrawal payment methods including Ethereum and Bitcoin. Using the Wyre payments network, they accept payment from the client, convert the freelancer’s payment into the cryptocurrency of their choice, and send it to the freelancer. This allows for fast cross-border payments with low fees to all of their freelancers, especially those where traditional banking systems aren’t an option.